Exporting icons as SVG in Canva

Hi everyone,

I created icons that I’d like to import as an SVG into Canva. However, when I go to change the color, only the inside of the icon changes (partially) and not the actual strokes. I’ve looked on tutorials and in the community but have not found anything that specifically addresses this.

PS I am learning so I would love to know what I need to do to correct this. In the picture below, I simply want to be able to change the stroke color - not the inside but this is what happens.

Thank you!

Hi, for exporting be sure to Outline the strokes
Object > Outline Stroke

Thank you, however, when I go to outline the stroke - it either wants to export multiple layers (even if grouped) and if grouped, I can’t change the color either even as SVG. Thoughts?

Object → Flatten Selection
Or use booleans to set your vector to a single layer