Exporting and sharing .fig - images are lost

Hello all, I am having some problems with a Figma file handoff.

  1. I received a .fig file which I have successfully imported into my own workspace. However, most of the placeholder images are NOT appearing, which makes it nearly impossible to understand the layout. What are we doing wrong? What is the correct way to export a Figma file to a .fig (or other format to be used by another Figma user) then import it on the other side to include the images and thus preserve the layout and integrity of the design files? (Reloading the tab does not work.)

  2. Will the online Figma link from the original author continue to work even without a professional license or if the author removes it? What is the best way to preserve the full file? (with images in a way we can continue to look at and inspect, etc)? Would getting access to her original Figma file help?