Export with Device Frame

I spent a good amount of time searching for mockups that match the ones I’m presenting my work in. The device frames presented by Figma are exactly what I’m looking for. There should be an option to “Export with Device Frame”.

The prototyping feature does already has a lot of device mockups with pretty good quality to showcase designs.

Does anyone else feel that this would save them a lot of time?


This would be so helpful! Some of our stakeholders prefer presentations in powerpoint. It’s a lot of time manually exporting screens and lining them up with a device frame.

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I started my project in Figma with an iPhone frame and it’s just a rectangle shape of the screen but does not show the frame of the phone around which is fine. When I open the project in prototype and the click present a device frame is added automatically. My question is how do I export the screen with the mockup frame around of the phone?
I don’t want any background like in the screenshot attached.


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any answer?