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Export the code of the animated interactions in the prototypes

Hi everybody,

I have a suggestion for a ‘developer oriented feature’ to add in FIGMA.
As for now it doesn’t exists, there is something we would appreciate I think :
Having an option to export the animated interactions settings (with all the ease settings and so on…) we made in the “prototype” section of Figma…
I mean through SVG + CSS with @keyframes, JQUERY or anything else !

It’s too bad to have to recreate in HTML, JS etc… all the stuff out of Figma.
We would love using this feature to be more efficient and getting a better productivity in our pipeline of production!

In one word : “Once we have validated our Figma animated designs, we want to be able to export the code applied for this animate part of the prototype”

Thank you very much,
Best Regards,

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