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Export presets and Assets Panel

Hi there!

Guys, how did you solve 2 problems: export presets (like in Sketch), where I can create my own preset for Web, Android, or iOS. For example: in the Android preset, I have like 5 different png and for iOS - 3, but with different dimensions and suffix names.

And second question - assets panel. For example, I created an icon. Set 5 dimensions in Export block → back to the main page → drag&drop from Asset panel this icon and… where is my export presets?

Maybe I made some mistakes in my flow and don’t know some “magic” button? I start to use Figma after Sketch and have, as you see, some problems. Would be great to hear some recommendation.

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Same question here. Right now Figma export and assets handoff look godawful to me.

  1. Having to manually set export settings for every time.
  2. Not being able to restrict click-throughs for vector assets in the view/handoff mode. This results in creating separate and complex documentations for devs, duplicating asset instances and breaking layer structure/naming convention for something that should’ve been simple. E.g. Zeplin allows you to get to a marked-for-export asset with one click no matter how deep the actual structure is and it allows restricting click-throughs deeper than needed.

I hope I’m wrong and there’s some functionality I’m overlooking.

I am trying to evaluate moving our team from Sketch to Figma and the fact that there aren’t any presets for exporting to the Android drawable folder structure and iOS as Sketch provides is extremely frustrating.