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Export Interactive PDFs

I am trying to get my whole design team using Figma for as many assets as possible. Sometimes we still get requests to make interactive PDFs (think internal HR benefits doc) to be attached to an email. I just need some text (and some graphics) to link out to external sites when clicked.

The solutions I have seen posted so far are to not use a PDF and just use a prototype (this will not work for us, for now we still need PDF) or to make a link with text and put it over the graphics with 0% opacity (this makes for a messy, less collaborative file). Is it possible to get what I am looking for or is it a possibility for future Figma releases? I know we are asking a lot of this program…I just love it so much I want to ditch other tools. Thanks!

It’s not possible at the moment natively but I think Pitchdeck plugin by @Figmatic may be able to do it: