Export high res images without increasing dimensions


We’re trying to export some assets from figma (either JPEG or PNG) is fine, but running into some issues with resolution.

If we export at 1x, the image is low quality… however, if we export at 2x it doubles the dimensions of the image itself (for most ad platforms this is fine, but this time we need it in the exact dimensions)

I’ve tried exporting at 2x and scaling down using other online tools, but the assets then become low quality again.

Anyone else had this issue / managed to solve it?

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I too am having the same image! Need the dimensions to stay the same but for the resolution to be higher. @figma please help!!

hi @jamesc @Roberta_Nicastro

Thanks for reaching out. Could you please try to check this Céline’s comment? Low resolution image export problem - #5 by Celine_Figma

I hope it will help!