Export high res images without increasing dimensions


We’re trying to export some assets from Figma (either JPEG or PNG) is fine, but running into some issues with resolution.

If we export at 1x, the image is low quality… however, if we export at 2x it doubles the dimensions of the image itself (for most ad platforms this is fine, but this time we need it in the exact dimensions)

I’ve tried exporting at 2x and scaling down using other online tools, but the assets then become low quality again.

Anyone else had this issue / managed to solve it?

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I too am having the same image! Need the dimensions to stay the same but for the resolution to be higher. @figma please help!!

hi @jamesc @Roberta_Nicastro

Thanks for reaching out. Could you please try to check this Céline’s comment? Low resolution image export problem - #5 by Celine_Figma

I hope it will help!


Nope, Celine’s comment is showing how to export to the original dimension (1x) which the resolution will be 72x72. We need Figma to be able to increase the resolution to 300x300 without increasing the dimension as well, because in some cases (like ads) we need the exact dimension with high resolution. Do you know any plugin that can help?

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Thanks for clarifying what you’re trying to achieve, @Zulfikar_Firdaus!

Pay close attention to your export settings to control how Figma exports your designs.

You can enter a custom size by entering a number along with one of the following:

  • Add an x after the value to use it as a multiplier
  • Add a w after the value to set a fixed width
  • Add an h after the value to set a fixed height

By default, assets exported as images from Figma have a DPI of 72. To calculate the DPI of an image exported at scale, multiple 72 by the chosen scale. For example, images exported at 2x have a DPI of 144. Images exported at 3x have a DPI of 216.

There are also some format restrictions around scaling:

  • Figma only supports exports for SVGs at 1x. You can still scale an SVG by adjusting the values in the code, or by using width and height variables. For example: <img src="image.svg" width="50px">.
  • Figma only supports PDF exports at 1x. To export assets at a different scale, you’ll need to choose another format.

Some formats support additional export settings, so click ^ in the Export section of the properties panel to view and adjust these settings.

thanks for responding my question. so in the custom size field when exporting, we can only choose either to multiply or set a fixed w/h right? can’t do both for the same file?

for example, i have a design with dimension of 100x200, if i export it with:

  • 1x – the result is dimension of 100x200 and DPI of 72
  • 2x – the result is dimension of 200x400 and DPI of 144

now if i want to achieve a file with dimension of 100x200 and also the resolution DPI of 144 using the existing file i have, is it achievable?

Hey @Zulfikar_Firdaus, thanks for pointing that out.

Yes, you are correct. We’ve passed this feedback onto our team and updated this topic into a feature request. We’ll use votes to gauge interest from the community, and hopefully our team can work on this in the future.

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