Export Flows as PDF Feature

It would be cool if there is a possibility to export the flows as pdf. It would be beneficial when documenting for regulatory purposes.

Hi @Arra_Arcilla, Thanks for sharing your thought! I understand how this can be a great help for you. We’ll pass it onto the team for future consideration!

In the mean time, there are a couple ways to share the flow link for a specific starting point with collaborators.
You can check the details here: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039823894#Copy_flow_link

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Hi @Arra_Arcilla , how would you imagine exporting flows in a PDF? Let’s take this example: a screen allows for login, create account and forgot password for an app. There are three different flows with the same starting point. How do you image exporting this? What is your current need?

I just only need the screens compiled together as 1 PDF in a chronological way. I can only imagine with your example that there are 3 different flows meaning 3 different PDFs, if they have the same starting point it should also be included as “1st image”. I recently found out that you can export the screens from a page as PDF but all of the screens were exported although I just needed one flow and I want my flows to be in the same page.

I understand better now and if I got it right you want to select which parts of the screen in a flow will be exported as a single PDF, rather than pasting the whole flow to a new page and export the entire page from there. If that’s the case I think there is a solution to solve this!

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@Arra_Arcilla I believe the new version of the Super PDF plugin will help you and offer a solution for your need. I was having a similar problem and that’s why I was looking for solutions, and worked on one on my own with the plugin. Full transparency I’m the creator of Super PDF, which is 100% free and private and hopefully useful to you and the community.

Click on the Export mode and select the frames from the flow to merge and combine them in a single PDF file. The export is in super high quality.

If you have any issues or ideas let me know and I’d be happy to help.

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