Export Figma's frames (images) directly to the SaaS

We are developing AMP (Advertising Management Platform) which is simply a CMS SaaS where there are also images as a type of content that are used as advertising - banners.

We would like to make it easier for operators to manage these images.

The current workflow is that the exported image (Figma/PS) needs to be manually uploaded into the system where some data needs to be manually edited.

For these, we record attributes such as:

  • name (string)
  • campaign (string)
  • position (array of strings)
  • valid from (DateTime)
  • valid until (DateTime)
  • link (string)
  • whether to open in a new window (boolean)
  • alternative title (string)
  • alternative description (string)
  • resources (array of values [key → array of other values])

We would like to enter this data right in Figma (in some panel), where it would be directly uploaded to the target application.

What is the ideal way to implement this?

  1. Direct connection via a new plugin using the API
  • In Figma, the user would install a new plugin
  • In Figma, the user would log into the target application (AMP)
  • In Figma, the user would edit the necessary attributes
  • Once everything was ready, they would upload the data to the AMP

More sophisticated solution using the AMP and Figma API.

  1. Using the export
  • In Figma, the user would edit the necessary attributes
  • When exporting, the attributes would either be saved as EXIF attributes or in a separate file (json/csv)
  • The resulting zip file would be uploaded to AMP, where the content would be processed automatically

A simpler solution that might be a good starting point.

I have never developed a plugin for Figma before, so I don’t currently know the ideal way to implement this. Do you have any recommendations?

I am attaching some screenshots to give you a better idea of what data should be entered in Figma.

Clients edit hundreds of banners, so integration would save a lot of time.