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Export FigJam to PDF/Other formats

Our team is so excited about FigJam!

One thing that would boost the value for us is the ability to export FigJams, ideally as a PDF. After an interactive session, we love to create an artifact for future reference.


This would be a huge boost to working in FigJam, other workspace applications (such as mural) are able to do this.

In my workplace we are on windows based machines, unfortunately windows does not honour a PNG transparency for copy / paste so the work ends up with a black background.

Also, the PNG copied out of FigJam is low resolution so does not transfer to presentations, handouts etc very well.

I can’t export the flowchart I created in figma jam as a PNG or jpeg, I want to paste it in an external wiki and for that I need the chart as a PNG or JPEG. I think the feature is not there, can it be added?

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How to export Project as PNG, JPG?

It would be nice to create a “frame” and export it

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