Export as PDF only text = 3,5 mo?

Hello community,

I looked throught the forum but could not find any solution to this. I started doing my curriculum on Figma and I could notice a problem with the PDF’s weight

I started deleting each elements and re-exporting to see which one is causing the anomaly, and curiously, one single paragraph weights 3,2 mo…

See pictures attached.

1- A solution was to put the Figma-pdf in indesign and export again. Resulting with a 950 ko document which is, again, too big for just text. And too big for Linkedin :frowning:

2- Fattening the text didn’t change the weight.

I made it in Indesign and it is 88ko … :roll_eyes:

You can use pdf compression tools

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  • Export to pdf
  • PDF to docx converter
  • MS Word : back to PDF

Tadam, small fole now.

Will keep perfect layout and formatting.
May break accents or such ï ç, and fonts.
Shrinks things down to a few KB, though.

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