Examples of responsive designs for Mobile?

I want to make a design that works no matter if person is using iphone pro, plus, android, etc
The testers would not be using Figma mirror, just opening link on their phone browser.
The url bar can still be there.

Have others been successful in doing this? Any links to examples I could open on my phone would be amazing.

It seems maybe this is not possible judging by the response to a similar question asked and answered here: FIT to screen prototype on mobile

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You cannot make the prototype respond to the browser window size (desktop or mobile) currently. You will have to provide different prototypes set to each of those devices sizes. The good part is that if you design your screens to be responsive from the start by using constraints, auto-layout, wrapping and min/max width, you will just need to copy the frames, paste them and change their sizes for the design to fit them as expected on a responsive app.

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thanks for the answer.
It has taken me a surprisingly long time to get this concrete info.
Will have to work on my skills to make it easier to copy over frames and make sure they look/act right.