FIT to screen prototype on mobile

I am working on a mobile prototype and want my users test it in the browser from mobile phones (not using Figma app). I made a proto for iPhone 13 dimensions and of course when you open it in browser, the screen dimension is smaller due to browser nav and status bar.

I want my proto to fir the screen (may have empty space on the left and on the right) but the proto height will be fitted to the screen.

Fir the screen in settings doesn’t work.

The same thing is happening to me.

Hey everyone,
Thank you for reaching out to the community! This is a feature limitation on our end.
To give you some visibility, from speaking with our Product team, it’s expected that your mobile browser won’t fit the Prototype fully to the screen and is only possible when viewing Prototypes through the Mobile App.

At the moment, for a full-screen view of your prototype on mobile, we recommend using Figma App. This will make sure your frames fit your phone and also omit the url bar of your mobile browser.

Here’s a guide from our Help Center with more information on this: View prototypes on a mobile device Hope this helps!