Enhancing Figma's Variable Options: A Call for Color Opacity Control

Let’s be real, variables have been a total game changer, but there’s still something missing, right? I mean, who wouldn’t love more control over font family, size, weight, and color opacity within variables? It’s time for Figma to level up and give us that extra oomph we crave!

Picture this: effortlessly switching between font families, tweaking font sizes on the fly, dialing in the perfect font weight, and oh, don’t even get me started on adjusting color opacity within variables. It’s the stuff of design dreams!

Figma, we know you’ve got the power to make it happen. So why not roll out an update, starting with color opacity? Trust us, the design community will be cheering you on every step of the way. Let’s make Figma even more awesome together! :rocket::sparkles:


Thanks for the feedback, @Ajaya_Bajracharya!

We’ll pass this onto our Variable team for future consideration.