Enable/Disable comments

Agree. We want to direct our users to make comments via our official channels eg. Slack/Teams/Jira and not pollute the view-only shared Library of our Design System with comments.

Another vote for this, we are usability testing and any time the participant types “c” they are getting asked to create an account. I think this is the same solution but I would welcome a workaround/suggestion/fix if there is one already.

+1000 on this.

Also would be nice if when you disable comments, it shows a status bar that indicates commenting is currently disabled, so that viewers aren’t confused.

And if you can add a custom message to that status bar. E.g. request that feedback be submitted in the ticketing system, or mention that design is locked, or whatnot

very shocked this isn’t a thing, makes an absolute mess of delivery files- comments are not helpful if they are way too late