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Embedded link not showing connector texts

For some reason the connector text is not shown on FigJam embedded links. I embedded a Figjam file into Notion for this example:

And here is the original FigJam file:

This happens with text background both enabled and disabled. Zooming and panning work fine, and the embed updates immediately after some change on the original file. Any thoughts on why this is happening or if they’re working on a solution?


Confirmed, happening in embeds in zeroheight.

Hey @leopechansky @Andrew_Tibbetts, thanks for flagging!

I’ve sent this over to the team to review.

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Hi @leopechansky . I work here at Figma. Could you share the file and send me a link, either here or in a personal message? That might help us reproduce this better.


Hi, @smarney ! And thanks for answering.

Here’s the link to the Figjam file:

And here’s a link to a Notion page with the embed:

In the meantime, I also found another bug that has similar symptoms. Whenever I group two or more objects and ungroup/undo them later, the objects disappear from the embed until I make changes to the color or the text. I left an example on the same file.

Hope you found it useful!

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