Edits to unpublished components not appearing in instances across files


  • In my design system I created an input field component that has “input title”, “input subtitle” and “input box” as atoms
  • Atoms exist as unpublished components, nested in the larger component/molecule, “input field”
  • Library has been published and added to all working files


  • I’ve copied an atom, “input title” and used it in a different working file


  • When I make edits to the original atom (change the text style) the change is reflected in the components in the design system that use this atom but not in the copied atom itself

Need to understand why and how to fix this


HI there,

Thank you for your post! To fully grasp the situation, it would be helpful if I could take a look at your file. Could you possibly share the link to the file? Also, am I right in understanding that you’re looking to apply changes to the copied atom as well?