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Edit both vertical or horizontal padding at the same time - Auto layout enhancement

  1. most of the time I want to adjust both vertical (top and bottom) or horizontal (left and right) padding it would be great if I could do this in one go. My preference would be by pressing another fn key while alt-dragging but any solution would be welcomed.


  1. I’ve checked the docs and looked around the forum but haven’t found the answer. Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?

Sometimes when I know the approximate values, I use full padding input (above the top yellow highlight on your screenshot) to enter something like “10,20”.

yeah, I know about that shortcut, I’ve run through the manual already.
Still it is not a replacement: guessing approximate values can only function as a starting point, you still need to adjust them, and interactively would be the best way.
It is just like scale tool and input fields for width & height, both will get job done but depending on what you want to achieve you’ll choose one over another.