Easily review Figma plugin usage

I am thrilled with visibility we now have into plugin usage by 7d, 30d, and 1y. This is great insight to help us manage our plugin approval.

What would be great is to be able to export the data or get a better table view of plugin usage so we can scan all the usage data at once. It is tedious to go through and click on a plugin, click the usage tab, and than swap through the different timelines.

If you create a table like this, or an export, it would be great

Plugin name. Usage last 7 days Usage last 30 days Usage last year
Style swapper 5 30 100

Thank you!

Hey @AJ_Siegel! Thanks for the feedback (and the visual) – can definitely see how helpful this would be for plugin data review. It may not be possible now, but I’ll leave this topic open so other plugin developers can vote on it if they’re looking for something similar :grin: