Dynamically change modes through prototyping interactions

+1 to this!

Allowing “mode control” would not only simplify my mockups, but also solve some variant swap property issues tied to burying modes as variants deep in the layers of a component.

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+1 This could be an incredibly powerful feature in reducing bloat in prototypes.

My example is a mobile keyboard that can update multiple input fields rather than having to have separate keyboards for each field.

Just to keep this thread alive and show how many people want this feature: I am currently building a set of screens to be used in either light mode or dark mode. I have a library with all the colours defined in variables. The library also has all the components I need, and they use those colour variables.

So far, so good. I create the pages in my project file with the library loaded, and I can use the colour variable setting on the page to switch between light and dark modes.

But there is one feature I cannot demonstrate in the prototype: switching between light and dark modes. Instead I need to quickly flip back to the workspace during demos and change the variable.

As it happens, adding themes is a major feature, and it’s awful not being able to demonstrate it.


This feature would make variables way more powerful.

The benefits of instant mode switching would be amazing if it carried over to our prototypes too, very tedious to have to maintain duplicate screens for other modes right now

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Hey All, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto our prototyping team for future consideration.


I don’t need this feature only for it’s main functionality, but also because the prototype (Figma file) our company is using is huge, so it goes over 20GB of RAM pretty quickly.

If we could use Mode switch with Interactions, this would eliminate almost 20% of duplicated screens, and maybe some components variants.

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Another +1 from me. I’m creating a lengthy prototype and I’d love to be able to demonstrate flipping between light - dark modes easily. I’ve used the Material Theme Builder plugin and it saved me a ton of time creating both color sets, it would be great to be able to show it off…

+1 This would be great