Duplicating projects

Today: As an agency, we’re frequently starting new projects for new clients. We’ve evolved a set of best practices for Figma file organization, per-client design systems, etc. These best practices have been captured in a Starter Project project in Figma. However, to use this Starter Project each designer must duplicate each file in the Starter Project individually and then move them over into a new project.

Idea: We’d love to see Figma support duplicating projects in addition to the existing file duplication functionality. This would be a small but noticeable improvement in efficiency for spinning up new client projects.


You have a library in your Start Project?

You can select all files in the project (Cmd/Ctrl + A), right click, click duplicate and then move them to the new project via drag & drop.

@Gleb Unfortunately, this is not going to solve the problem.
If you have files A and B (with components syn together) and duplicate these 2 files.
C and D components won’t be linked anymore…

Hello Community!

We are a Design Agency based in Sydney with vast experience with design systems, variants, componentization, and file organization.

In this article, we illustrated why we believe the absence of an essential feature is slowing down the large-scale implementation of design best practices and costing a lot of money and working hours for design agencies and organizations.

Please, check out the article link in the comment section.

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It will be fantastic to have feedback from the community on this.

I hope you are all well and safe!


+1, sick of doing the same work every single time a new project starts, when you try to have a repeatable flow.


I have a template project (with Figma and Figjam files) and it isn’t easy to create a new project based on this template. I have to duplicate files, sort them and move to a new project.

If I could duplicate a project my workflow would be simplified.

My team also feels the same way about this

Some of us use projects as a templates do estandardize other projects across the company. Could we have a “duplicate” on a project level?