Drop Shadows Smart Animate

Still no solution to the problem with shadow styles in smart animate?

I have 1 card with 2 states (default + hover)
The shadows are shadow styles. Elevation 8 and elevation 24
But on hover (smart animate) the shadow jumps about 100 px from it… This is not a feature, is it?

Thanks for any hint


I’m having similar problems but can’t find a solution or info. Other posts about this are closed with no resolution…

I’m having the same issue with a shadow on a dropdown menu where it vastly exaggerates the shadow about 60 pixels in all directions around the entire menu. I’ve tried it with all the various smart animate options and the problem is the same. If I hide the shadow, then it works fine. As is, I can’t use smart animate on anything with a shadow.

Here’s a screenshot comparison of what the regular shadow vs smart animate shadow looks like …