Drag fill image out of frame

I’ve come across a workflow inconvenience a few times as follows:

I paste an image into a frame as a fill element. Then at a later time I want to use that fill image as a standalone image. I then have to go back to finder and track down the original image to import again. I’m looking for a way to copy and paste or drag a fill image into it’s own element. Would make life easier.

Hi Alvin,

You can try to copy the properties of the frame that has the image, and paste it to another frame. Use cmd + option + c and cmd + option + v.

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If you have multiple fills like this example here and only want to copy and paste the fill image. Select the left edge of the fill until it is highlighted and then press Ctrl/Cmd + C and Ctrl/Cmd + V on the new frame you intend to paste it on

Thanks for the replies, but I specifically want to be able to paste the image itself (not paste into another frame).

You can get the source image file in Dev mode in the Inspect panel.