Drag deselection not working anymore

Once having a multiple selection I used to drag select from outside to deselect the items I did not want in my selection.

This was specifically useful for me and now that it’s gone I spend much more time clicking individual items to deselect, and in some cases that’s not actually doable to do having too many items involved.

This decision is making the tool worse than it was. Is this a bug or a permanent decision?


I am having the same issue and completely agree. No idea why this change has been made it has really messed up my workflow when altering designs.

I can deslelect items when I click and drag from inside the frame but Can’t when clicking and dragging from outside the frame.

Really hope they revert this change.

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They implemented lots of questionable changes in the last update, and I think this is one of them. There are lots of bugs/changes in other sections as well. I wish I hadn’t updated my Figma.

Hey All, thanks for flagging this!

We’ve passed it onto our team to investigate and work on a fix.

This is such a weird change, completely breaks my workflow and “hand-memory”. It is crucial to be able to drag-deselect for deselecting hidden or hard-to-reach objects.

Sorry for the trouble, @Peter_Hoglund!

Our team filed a bug report and are working on getting this fixed as soon as possible.