Drag and paste screenshots on Mac

It would be amazing if after taking a screenshot, I can drag the image in Figma and it just pastes it there. Whenever I’m making a mood board or I find a reference image and I want to add it in my Figma file, I have to take a screenshot and wait a few seconds until it’s in my desktop. Then I drag and drop it in my Figma. Especially if I’m dealing with several images it can get cumbersome and my desktop is filled with screenshots.

I’m transitioning from Sketch to Figma lately. Figma is amazing but this feature is something I’m really missing from Sketch.

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You can copy the image to the clipboard and paste it into the design file.

I’m new to mood boarding but I’m going to try capturing screenshots with the Eagle app and then maybe dragging them from there into Figma. This way I can capture, organize, and keep the original images in Eagle and easily and quickly copy them into Figma.

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