Don't see the notification after duplicating something

The pop-up notifier somewhere lower mid screen for duplication won’t show up anymore. Could it be a setting I’ve changed?

Hi there,
Would you mind sharing a quick screenshot / or video recording when you try to duplicate? (so we can better visualize your issue on our end) Thank you

Hey Volga,
Thanks for taking the time to record the video, but unfortunately, the access is denied. (You can change the right permission in your Google file), or feel free to share a screenshot if it is easier :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah sorry I haven’t noticed. Just updated the permissions. Should be accessible now.

Hi Volga! Thanks for sharing the access. I’ve just watched the video, and everything seems expected (when you duplicate a frame, you don’t receive notification)
To double check, can you clarify what kind of notification do you expect after duplicating? Thank you!

Not sure the exact text but would just be there for 2 seconds and disappear. Something like duplication successful? Or the object is duplicated?? Wasn’t like the most functional thing but you know the first duplication appears right on top of it’s source and sometimes I would duplicate something by mistake and only realize when it showed up. Maybe it was all a dream haha. Appreciate your attention and I guess no need to dig deep since I have no idea how it worked.

Ah I see, thank you for your detail. Appreciate your feedback!

_Nota bene: If you wish to have this feature, feel also free to create a feature request. :slight_smile: _