Don’t show dropdown item in variables if matches conditions

Hi all,

Wasn’t able to find an answer, so hopefully, I didn’t overlook things and this is not a duplicate question.

I have a dropdown component that I want to populate with different options, depending on the mode I choose. However, different modes have a different amount of options.

Mode 1 has 8, mode 2 has 10 and mode 3 has 4. Can I hide options in the dropdown when I choose a mode that has less options? See screenshot for clarification. The ‘-‘ options should not be shown when that mode is selected.

You could try using boolean variables assgined to each option, then turn them on/off depending on the selected mode.

I put together this dropdown example awhile back that I built using variables and modes, which will show/hide options depending on the selected mode.

View Example File

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Thanks Nate, it looks like this is what I need. The example file looks great, thanks for sharing!

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Hi Nate,

Hope I can ask you another question. Most things do seem to work well, however, when I open the prototype preview, it does show the options it shouldn’t, while they aren’t visible in the mockup itself. Any idea what could cause it?

FYI: I found this is only happening in the preview in Figma with shift spacebar, not in the actual prototyping environment.

Looks like a bug with the preview panel, you could create a separate post and call this out as a bug for Figma to address.