Does snapping not work for elements inside of a group/frame when there is a mask active? Why?

Problem: Elements inside a group do not snap when a mask is active.
I’ve included a gif of this behaviour.


  1. Create two elements.
  2. Group the two elements.
  3. Create a mask on the entire group.
  4. Try to get them to align/snap. Doesn’t work.
  5. Disable the mask.
  6. Snapping works.

Sorry if this is a naive question, but why does this happen? Why can’t I find a single written article/post about this? Is this somehow supposed to be a feature?

Screen Recording - June 1, 2023

Thank you for raising this issue and bringing it to our attention. The behavior does look odd and I have raised this with our engineering team.

Your feedback is highly valuable, and we appreciate your vigilance in helping us improve our platform.


Thank you. Were you able to reproduce this?

Hi any progress on this?