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Does anyone has "freezing" and lags in MacOS Big Sur official app?

Hello everyone! A few days ago I’ve noticed lags and freezing while using the official app in macOS Big Sur. I have this problem only on the desktop app. In Google Chrome it works fine for me. For a better understanding, I attach 2 videos.

What I’ve done:

  • Reinstalled Figma App
  • Tried Figma Beta
  • Terminated all other apps except Figma
  • Disconnected the external monitor
  • Tried another network


P.S. MacBook Pro 16. macOS Big Sur 11.1.

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Not really. Lately, I’m working on a document with 200k layers and it’s working fine. I was having problems when I had too many things on one page, but I try to split it as much as possible.

Have you tried to restart your laptop? I know that sometimes they tend to act weirdly when they’re put to sleep. l usually do a restart once a few weeks.

Some steps that you could try:
check how loaded is your RAM.
What other apps do you use? Maybe it’s the laptop itself, and not Figma.
When Figma acts weird I usually “Check for updates” → Reload all tabs.

Hope it helps.

Hey! Thanks for the answer.

I’ve already tried all the things you suggest :frowning: RAM is ok, laptop restarted a few times, tabs were reloaded. Nothing helped. By the way, last week it worked great, the problem starts only this week.

I solved the problem.
Figma stopped to freeze when I turned on “automatic graphic switching” in settings - battery. Attach the screenshot