Do not show hand cursor on prototype

For usability testing, I need a way to disable to cursor to hint at where to click. Customers just go scrolling around for when they get the hand. This makes disabled hotspots useless.

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I am using Figma for prototype testing. I’ve disabled hotspots, but the hand selector cursor still shows up if you are over a clickable area. I’ve searched everywhere for how to turn it off. Is this possible?

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Seconded. I also have the same issue especially when it’s some kind of quiz. The cursor gives away what elements are linked.

Seems like if a hotspot is disabled, it shouldn’t act at all like a hotspot. So yeah that seems like a bug.

For simulating quizzes, shouldn’t all answers be enabled anyway?

Hey All, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto our prototyping team to investigate.