Do not receive verification email

My colleagues wait the verification email for new account for over 1week. And checked it in the inbox and junk, but still don’t receive it

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same for me. Sent emails several times but nothing happens

Same for me. I have to invite them directly to the file in order for them to get access.

Same for me. I cannot validate accounts.

Same here, a colleague of mine has been waiting for a verification email for hours, nothing in inbox or junk folder.

same issue here. checked junk folder. Checked if I mistyped email. Tried a different email address (hotmail) and then I did receive the verification email instantly. My business email address is an MS outlook address.

Any resolution to this issue?

Same for me. It always show ‘Email sent’ quick snap message after clicking on the “Let’s resend it” link but then no more emails sent.

same for me . i always click on the" let’s resend it " but i don’t get any email verification button and email from Figma . what I do now ? please suggest me .

Same here.
My client can’t create a figma account, he has microsoft teams.
He enters his email and password and the finish setup email is not being sent to his account (it is not in junk mail)

I got mine fixed! I had to reach out to support explaining the issue. They were able to fix it on their end. They said “It looks like your email address rejected one of our past messages, and this has led to us putting a hold on sending you future messages.” They removed the hold and it worked immediately. Hope this helps! Email them at

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We are getting the same issue now, I’ve sent an email to See if they can help

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Hey did it ever work out for you ?

This is still happening for us. Do they not want our money? Wanted to open up an org account for the company I work for $$$.