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Display scroll bar in prototype preview mode

There’s no visible scrollbar in Figma prototyping mode. Yesterday we’re having user testings and once again this same topic popped out. Some of the users didn’t thought that they could scroll prototype because scrollbar wasn’t visible. One of the user was using laptop’s touchpad and he wasn’t able to scroll with only using touchpad. Guiding user how to use prototype during test can harm testing situations. Atleast it’s sure that if user thought that he can’t scroll it leads to biased feedback about product.

If there’s some reason not to have scrollbar it could be atleast optional feature that designer could turn visible scrollbar on from options.

It’s not only who has came across with this weakness in Figma. Here’s old Spectrum thread about same topic but Figma hasn’t done anything for this yet and I hope this get more attention here.

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Also having this issue with some research participants on Windows. It’s pretty impactful and we’ve had to resort to screen sharing rather than having them click through screens, which is far from ideal.


I also have this same issue, and it’s mostly related to Windows users. It seems that Mac users have better overall Trackpads and scrolling is easier; however that is not a fact but an observation.

I absolutely need a way to let users know that regions are scrollable beyond needing to create clues for each and every instance that something is scrollable. Just because my Mac is set to hide scrollbars until time of need doesn’t mean that prototypes should be the same way.

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