Disable Library in File to Stop Receiving Updates

We are facing an issue with library updates.
Currently we have a big Library of components, which are used by multiple teams. We want to disable this library in some of the files, and STOP receiving update prompts.

People click the black message at the bottom right, and accept all changes. We want to stop that in some files. The most logical way for me seems to be to just disable the library, that you want to stop receiving updates for, from the assets panel, but that doesn’t help.

As long as there are components from the library used in a file somewhere, the file will receive the prompt to update them, regardless whether the library is enabled in the file or not.

It would be awesome if Figma would stop sending update requests for libraries that are not enabled in a file.
Do you have any ideas how we could handle it till then?


BUMP Having this exact same issue… has anyone discovered a good way to do this? Is anyone from Figma watching this forum?

+1 need a way to preserve changes in time, if i disable library updates i expect to stop receiving prompts to update until i re enable updates

Well Figma guys, once again…

I’ll be hard with you because some of your inconsistency cost me time and more…

I’ve disconnected a library from a file to freeze it.

An apprentice have received an update toast and refresh all the big file

Seeing his error, he tried to correct all changes…

If I hadn’t locked the library, and without the version history… it could have been an enormous disaster!

You have to make us earn time and money… not lose it

So… a deactivated library MUST not push update toasts