Difference in the link format


My and my client faced an unexpected issue with one service that had been caused by the difference between how we see the link to the file

From her side, the link to the frame starts like https://www.figma.com/design/cUcbBu

And from mine, like


As you can see, there’s /design and /file. So I was curious why this difference is present; what could be a reason for that?

I would be glad if someone could unweil the mystery, thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @Yuliia_Voynova, thank you for reaching out!

I am not able to open both of the file links. Could you please invite support-share@figma.com with “can edit” permission so I can look into this further? Note that users with @figma.com emails on your team do not count towards your billing.

Thanks in advance!

I’m quite curious about this too. I have been pasting links to screens in our Figma designs into our requirements documents in Confluence. the links with /file can be displayed in Confluence as embedded (showing the design in the doc), while the ones with /design will only display as a link. The odd part is that I am getting the links by right-clicking on the frame and selecting Copy as > Copy Link to selection. While I was initially getting links formatted as /file, now I am getting links formatted as /design, and I don’t understand why that has changed.

It seems that Figma addon in storybook has the same issue? linked file with ../design don’t show up, and the same with ../file and ../proto work. Anything to know about this? I would love to keep doing cmd+L to get links and not have to manually change the URL.