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Diagonal pixel line artifact in the prototype view

When playing a prototype I’m seeing strange lines all over the prototypes.
They are not exported in PDF and I can’t see them in editors mode.
Only when I play (preview) prototypes.

Please help

@Katsiaryna_Silva can you share a link to the file by chance? Hard to tell what exactly is happening in your screenshots. Is the top window Microsoft Paint?

Hi Josh I can’t share a link here, restricted. Can you please give me your email address

Josh yes the top of the window is a Microsoft paint.
I have this weird line on every single frame in the same spot.

There’s a line that comes across the screen when i try to play the prototype when I’m designing for a laptop. Is it because the screen size is bigger than my screen size? This is what it looks like when i use the normal desktop frame

Thanks. Priyal. I realized that too. Even though in chrome it sat to 100%. Also it didn’t happen in Edge browser for example. It now it’s no longer happening.

One of our employees has a PC and when he presents our prototypes from his web experience we get these weird lines showing up on all pages. If he presents from the PC native app he does not get these. It is isolated to PC only and web only. All our macs do not show it on either web or native app.

Example here:

Pushing to the top…

There is a black color line appears while previewing.

Can you show screenshots?

Ok so I don’t know how to deal with this, but no matter what I tried, when I present the project a weird pixelated line appears.

I tried to use different shapes, different sizes…I closed the browser and get back to it…

I tried to use text only and the line isn’t there anymore.

I did not draw that line. Is just there, and if I resize the whole thing, the line just change places.

I tried to make some circles and just animate from a red circle to a green circle. The same thing happens, a pixelated line just appears. Why is this happening ?

Apparently this happens in Chrome. When I use Edge, it doesn’t appear anymore.

I have the same issue. Note how there’s multiple lines, not just one. For me, the lines appear in Edge, not Chrome. Very weird.

I think I got it to work… I just had to enable hardware acceleration in my browser. Once I did that, the weird artifacts were gone.


Hi there! I have the same problem (I use Windows and Chrome).Tried to change the “enable hardware acceleration” but nothing happened…any other ideas to solve these strange lines? They appear in every shape while playing the prototype.

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same here
Lenovo Y700
tried every setting in Chrome with no result, in desktop app works normally when run with --use-angle=d3d11.
in Firefox works flawlessly.
2021-10-19 12_41_21-Clipboard

Yes I have the same trouble too. I need to screen record the prototype, is there any way we can get rid of it?

Had same issue…not only diagonal line artifacts, but sometimes horizontal and vertical lines too. Can be black, white, or some color variation on what is behind them. It appears that turning on hardware acceleration in the browser, and then relaunching the browser, helped solve the problem. (Chrome on Windows 10)

All the following issues got fixed by this:


thank you so much. Hardware acceleration + relaunch solved the problem.

Weird lines appear over the mockup whenever we try viewing a prototype in our Virtual Machines. Has anyone experienced this issue? Would highly appreciate it if anyone knows how to solve the issue :slight_smile: Thanks!



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