Devmode can't show Color Opacity(alpha) in Local variables

Our team is using local variables by adding colors with Opacity(alpha) applied.

but on dev-mode, Figma don’t show Opacity(alpha)
(ex. #ffffff 10% on local variables, only show #ffffff on dev-mode)

Color on hexacode, local style can show Opacity in Dev mode,
but Color on local variables didn’t show Opacity in Dev mode,

We have already paid for the dev mode to use it, but it is a very critical issue.
If anyone is experiencing the same problem or has solved it, please leave a comment.

@minhyuncho sorry for the delayed reply on this – I was checking in with our engineering team to see if this was a bug.

They confirmed that this is a bug, and that a fix should be coming out soon (end of today), if not already. If you still have problems, let me know.