Development of mobile app

Hello. I am trying to develop my android application. Now I am creating design for this. I don’t know how to do prototype between text input and opening user’s account of this app.For example,If I want to log in my account in this app,I should insert text in such strings as login and password and after this my account opens. How to do this? How to setup a right prototype in this case before coding?

Certainly! To create a prototype for your Android app, use design tools like Figma or Adobe XD. Design the login screen with text input fields for username and password. Link these fields to a screen representing the user’s account page. Add interactive transitions to simulate the flow from inputting credentials to accessing the account. This will help visualize the user experience before actual coding.

Sure! To make a prototype for your Android app login, use design tools like Adobe XD, Figma, or Sketch. Design a screen with boxes for username and password. Link them to a screen showing the user’s account. This helps plan how your app will work before coding.