Dev mode only paid accounts

It would be amazing to be able to have more control over what each seat has access to do (and edit) within Figma, rather just carte blanche to view and edit everything on Figma or FigJam and nothing in between. This is mainly because me and my team are loving a lot of the Dev Mode features, but I’ve learned that it is being removed from free accounts from 2024:

Dev Mode is currently in open beta and is free for everyone to use through the end of 2023. Starting in 2024, access to Dev Mode will require a paid seat.

Our development team are on free view only accounts at the moment, mainly because we do not want them to be able to edit and accidentally make changes to the design file which we also use as a live prototype/document which is shared with the client. Tiered paid user access would really help make Figma a more complete tool for the entire project flow.