Dev Mode: How to select and export multiple assets?

Hi, we are trying to use the new Dev Mode in our team and we don’t know how to export multiple assets at once. It is not possible to select more than one frame, icon,… I know I can select the parent frame and download the asset with one click from the right panel, but in a complex design many assets are displayed and it’s messy. In design mode I simply select multiple frames while holding Shift and then export them, easy. Is this somehow possible in dev mode?

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I’m having the same problem as well, hoping to get some tips. :crossed_fingers:

Hey @Tomas5,

Thanks for posting on the forum!

I can confirm the Dev mode currently doesn’t allow you to select multiple frames to export them. To do this, you would need to switch back to the Design mode (the same applies for viewers) before selecting multiple frames with Shift and export them.

Still, Dev mode is quite new and we’re collecting as much feedback as possible from the community to improve it. I can see how practical it was (to not have to switch back between modes) to be able to multi select frames directly from the Inspect panel (Dev mode) and I’ve sent a feature request to our Product team for this :slight_smile:

I can’t guarantee this will be implemented as such nor share an ETA for it at this point but our teams will definitely take it into consideration!



Adobe XD allows designers to select the asset units they want to export.
I would like to apply the concept that Adobe has to Figma, but I am wondering if it is not available.

For example, for elements with overlapping groups or frames, developers are still unable to download the desired asset. Request ‘The assets are combined’ or ‘Please separate the background image on the right.’

How can I solve this problem?