Desperate designer tries to survive yet another issue with components not updating icon colors

It seems like Figma is cursed with component instances not updating properly when there’s some color change in main components :rage:

I’ve run into issues like this before. Thanks to this community, I was able to fix them temporarily—but now there’s yet another weird bug happening.

I did a very short video showing the problem: Dropbox Capture

tl;dr: If I make any color change in an icon used in a main component (in a library), the change is not carried over to the component instances (in other files)… unless I change the instance to a different variant and then revert it back to its original form.

Watch the video for a real tl;dr :disguised_face:

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I’ve also noticed that if i change an aspect of a component - when I update it, the update isn’t made to the changed element. I suppose on some level that makes sense, but then again, it almost defeats the point of a flexible component, because you have to manually seek out all the components that you once changed in order to make the update…so the point of a design system being effortless to update is not true.

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I’ve been having tons of issues with this as well, even after ensuring all the naming and layer structures are set up properly as per the common advice for trying to fix this issue.

I still have ongoing issues with icons not retaining their override colours in prototype mode. Heck, nested components in general are extremely buggy right now, with component variants just “forgetting” their interaction triggers when in prototype mode.

This was not an issue only a couple updates ago. Figma, PLEASE look into this, it’s clear that many people are encountering this issue.

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I have the same problem on my side as well, hoping Figma will fix this soon :smiling_face_with_tear:

This is a problem I am also experiencing.

Alright, I found a simple solution before Figma fixed this issue.

Check it out here!?type=design&node-id=0%3A1&t=7uyU70jA6VyJLtWn-1

Could you please elaborate @ahmadfawaid? :blush: I don’t understand how it was fixed.

You need to mask every single icon you will use on a component, and this will fix your issue.


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Thank you for this @ahmadfawaid! This is a hacky workaround very similar to this one.

All I have to say to Figma leadership here is that it’s absolutely maddening and frustrating that such old and persistent bug is not treated as a priority by the company… and we are all left trying to come up with front-end-hostile bugs like these.


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