Design Token support in Figma

Our team is looking into integrating design tokens into our design system. We’re looking into some plugins for this but we aren’t entirely happy yet. I’d love to see native support for this from Figma itself!

Really hope to hear some info on this as we don’t want to build a structure around a plugin and then see it being obsolete when Figma native design token is released

Whatever the Figma team is planning/developing, I hope they take into account teams that are using an ext tool/plugin to hack around this and allow them to retrospectively integrate with it smoothly!

Is there a more specific timeline now, especially after Schema happened ?


Hi Josh,

Would it be possible to know if there will be a path from Styles to the upcoming Figma design tokens implementation? The question could be more generally understood as “what can we do today to put ourself in the best position to migrate to the design tokens implementation Figma will come up with?”.


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