Design system updates are ruining child component content

When my team makes updates to our Modal component and publish those updates, its changing the content within instances of that Modal component in other peoples files. Its overriding peoples work.

Designers will add copy and swap out an instance within a Modal component. When the parent component is updated in the design system and published, the designer accepts the update, and it reverts all of the content they put in the Modal back to the design system generic content.

I spoke with the Figma support team and they said that as long as the layer names and hierarchy of the parent and child component are the same, this shouldn’t happen. I made sure that all of the layers match, and it these overrides still occurred.

This is incredibly frustrating and it makes it so Im unable to update our Modal component.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated :pray:

Hi Ryan, Thanks for your post. I see your tickets regarding this behavior in our backend and support team is working on it. Appreciate your patience in the meantime.
Thank you,

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thank you!

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