Delete version history that aren't named

I would really like to be able to delete any version points. Here’s a scenario I run into often. I open a file that hasn’t been updated in a long time to see what’s in it, and determine if it can be deleted if it’s no longer relevant. Navigating around the file I inadvertently do something that causes an autosave event to happen. Now the file has been updated just now (even though it really hasn’t).

P.S. I’ve read this help doc

Hi @BrianSweeting,

Thanks for bringing this issue here. I have actually been experiencing a similar issue for some time now. It has become quite challenging to keep track of all the projects on the Figma home screen dashboard, as even files worked on a year ago can be brought to the top of the list due to the autosave timestamp editing.

#ask Can anyone have any workaround to solve this issue? Figma team kindly help here.

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