Define default padding for Auto Layout (or set to 0)

Especially if they can be defined by a token or other programmatic value.

But please let the lowest value be 0 not 0.1 :man_facepalming:

  • I would like to set myself the default vaule
  • If not possible, I prefer the default to be 0px so that it is easier to recognize that a padding needs to be applied. Sometimes I overlook the 10px.

+1 for Default padding = 0

Same here. Default padding 0 highly preferred. All day long when I set auto layout I have to set the padding to 0.

Yes, thank you.

Rant: All day long, I add auto layout and remove padding. So annoying. If we must default to padding, let me set default. Why 10? Use 8 grid standard. Encourage best practices figma.