Default corner smoothing

Is there a way to set a default corner smoothing?

It takes multiple clicks to reach the corner smoothing dialog. The dialog itself is a slider with no quick way to select iOS-style smoothing other than fine-adjusting the slider to 60. Every. Time. Needless to say, it becomes a huge hassle when designing an iOS app. Hoping someone will tell me there’s a default setting I’ve missed.

Hey Timothy, thanks for reaching out!

This isn’t possible, but as a workaround, you can try selecting objects that need adjusting in bulk via “Select all…” quick actions.

To activate quick actions, select the object(s) on the canvas, then hit cmd + /, then type “Select all” and choose the command that’s most suitable for your case:

With object(s) selected, you can adjust corner smoothing all at once, but note that this will need to be repeated for each page of your file. Hope this helps!