Deep select - how to select something that is below an group?

In XD and Sketch, when you Cmd + Click on an item, you go 1 level deeper incrementally. How do you do this in Figma? It works only in a group, and then goes back to the to level.

How the heck do you select a group, that is covered by another group?

An example below: how do you select the photo backdrop in here? Without doing it via the layers panel (which is very time consuming in huge files with many many layers…)

Screenshot 2022-08-24 at 10.10.31

Hi @SaroGFX

I would use ⌘ Command on Mac or Ctrl on windows + right click on any frame. You should then see a layer menu where you can then select your specific layer.

But here comes another tip: mostly I use Enter and Shift + Enter to navigate between the layers.

  • Enter = select children = from the current selection, highlight all items on the same level below
  • Shift Enter = select parent = from the current selection, highlight all items at the same level above

I hope this helps.


Thank you! That helps a little. But i am really wondering how one uses Figma professionally without spending half the day looking at the layers panel. I was hoping I was missing a feature… :frowning:

Really hope Figma will add this (deep clicking through will go to next group and so on) because it appears to be so essential for a quick workflow.

The keyboard shortcuts don’t really help much because you need both hands. Might as wel click the layers tab then.

I recently transitioned from using Adobe XD to Figma, and I had been missing the feature of deep selection. Until now … not as XD but good enough. :hearts:

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I’ve been using Figma 3 years shift+clicking every child layer… what a game changer