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Hey guys,
I’m probably missing something, but hopefully someone can help me understand.
If I wanna copy/paste some text styles from one file to another, I can CUT the text styles from the original file and PASTE them into the new one. But then I have to come back in the original file and hit UNDO, because I never wanted to actually remove the text styles from the original file in the first place.
My question is, is there a reason Figma does this? Why isn’t there a COPY option instead of CUT? Not sure I get the logic behind this.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Just copy and paste using shortcuts (Ctrl+C/V).


Tried it before posting, doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Please submit a bug report to support.

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You can use the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + C and Ctrl + Alt + V to copy and paste the text styles in figma. (Also from one file to another.)

Hi @AddWeb_Solution
Thank for the response, but the problem was copying text styles from one file to another, as in bring text styles from one file to another in the right sidebar :slight_smile: I think I’m having a bug on my end, so I’ll just use Cut / Paste, hopefully that will get fixed soon :slight_smile:

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A colleague of mine copied this way text styles from a published library into another designsystem file. The file she cutted the styles has been connected to a project as the designsystem. After publishing the new designsystem with the pasted text styles, this system with its text styles has been connected to the file I’ve mentioned. It was a mess to clear this issue. So do this carefully and I hope this bug will be fixed soon.

@c.haarmann I think the safest thing is to duplicate the file from which you wanna copy the styles, then simply remove it. Beats having to deal with the post bugs.

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Related question: when I right-click on a folder of styles there is an option to delete styles and an option to cut styles. What is the difference?

Styles from one file can be published as a library, then added to a new file.

However, you will not see them in the sidebar when nothing is selected. Only when choosing a style from the style drop-down menu.

Styles that show in the sidebar when nothing is selected are called Local Styles.

If your goal is have Local Styles in the sidebar when noting is selected, you will either need to duplicate and modify the original file, or re-create the styles in the new file.

The difference is that cutting styles is the first step in order to paste those styles to another file, while deleting them simply removes them.

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Figma uses cut for text style to streamline the copy/paste process but it might be more intuitive to have a COPY option to avoid unintentional removal from the original file.


Moving Styles ie cut from one file and paste into another file

Ctrl + C as well as Ctrl + Alt + C work in the browser but don’t seem to work in the desktop application, at least the Windows version, which might be the point of confusion.

I did find that you can use the Cut option in the context-menu and then paste right back into the same document. Then you can go to another document and paste there as well. Not the greatest solution from a UX perspective but it works.

I do agree that if one option is required it probably should be copy as that’s less prone to accidents.

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Had no idea it works in the browser, I use the Windows desktop app. And it doesn’t work as you mentioned :slight_smile:
Cutting it is what I do now, but I duplicate the parent file first, because I risk messing up everything. Duplicate, cut, paste, delete the duplicate. Not the most elegant way to do it, but it works.