Creating a Sequential Element Button with Conditional Logic

Hi community, I hope you’re well and that you can help me.

I’m new in variables and conditional logics, I already followed some tutorials and was able to do some stuff, but this time I’m a bit stuck.
I’d like to set up a button that adds a new element each time it’s clicked (always in the same order).

So I created 5 components with a boolean variable true/false on visibility.

And I applied the following conditions to my button:




To summarize, I ask it to check if 1 is hidden, if not to display it, then to check that 2 is hidden and 1 displayed, to display 2, etc…

The problem is that when I test my button, it displays or hides all the components at the same time.

@Loic_Derrendinger The ordering of the conditionals is key here for showing or hiding elements. I put together a quick example showing how you could set things up.

See Prototype
Get the File