Creating a New Collection

When I try to create new collection the cursor also represents the resizing option for the background tile. I think while developing the Z-indexing for the list of collections need to be adjusted. As while hovering over the list I should not be able to adjust height of the below “Create Variable” container.

Attaching a GIF for more clarity.
May-07-2024 11-14-06

Hey @Keyur_Rameshbhai_Garsondiya, thanks for sharing a screen recording! Let me share this feedback with the team internally. Will get back to you once I get more information.

Thank you for your patience in the meantime!

Asked again: Sign in to Figma | Slack

Hey @Keyur_Rameshbhai_Garsondiya, apologies for the delayed response! Our team has confirmed this this is indeed a bug and they’re investigating further on this.

Thanks again for flagging this with us!