createText not working as expected

Hi Community,

I’m new to Figma Plugin development and trying to create a simple Text Component with “Hello World!” and add it in the Parent Frame. Below is the code,

(async () => {
const frame = Figma.createFrame();
// Move to (50, 50)
frame.x = 50
frame.y = 50

  // Set size to 1280 x 720
  frame.resize(612, 792);

const text = figma.createText()
  // Move to (50, 50)
  text.x = 100
  text.y = 150
  figma.loadFontAsync({ family: "Open Sans", style: "Regular" })
  text.fontName = {family: "Open Sans", style: "Regular"}
  text.characters = 'Hello';
  text.fills = [{ type: "SOLID", color: { r: 0, g: 0, b: 0 } }]; // Black text
  // Add other properties as needed (position, style, etc.)
 frame.appendChild(text); // Add text node to the frame

The output I’m getting is as below. Text is not coming inside the frame as child and also text is blank. I tried applying width and height, still the text is blank. Please let me know what am I missing.

Wait until the font loads before changing the font.

await figma.loadFontAsync(font)

Also use the console for debugging purposes.

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Thank you. Debugging helped. I was closing the plugin before Async completes. Moved it inside and it works now!